Omitting proper consideration at the time of renewal costs Islanders thousands of extra dollars every year. Nearly 60% of borrowers simply sign & send back their renewal that is first offered to them by their lender without proper consideration for a lower interest rate.

Without any negotiation, simply signing up for the market rate on a renewal is no different than throwing your hard earned money away.  Generally it is a good idea to start shopping for a new term aa early as six months before your current mortgage expires… With that in mind, please reach out at any point for a free no obligation review. Many lenders send out your renewal notice close to the time that your term expires not allowing sufficient time to shop around but, even in those scenarios it might be worth your while to go into an open mortgage while we work our magic.

Let RAM Mortgages PEI do all the work, you will be amazed at what Ricky can accomplish on your behalf.  Please keep in mind we usually get your legal & appraisal fees covered in full when transferring your mortgage through us! Don’t be one of the 60% who just simply sign their renewal letter and send it back. Call or text Ricky MacFarlane today at 902-314-2147 to get started.